Colours for the Mile educational programme


Designed primarily for kindergarten students.

Programme theme: How a gallery works

Children will learn about the rules of behaviour when visiting an art exhibition. They will learn about lines, shapes and colours and cultivate their sensory perception. They will experience the story of a painting and learn to feel and express emotions conveyed through visual art.

The visit to the gallery will be followed by an educational programme in the movement and music studio, where they will learn about the features of Roma culture through storytelling. We will become aware of the emotions and movement that Roma music evokes in us. Through their own experience, the children will experience the variety of colours in the field of art, the variety of rhythms in the field of music and movement and socio-culture. They will also get to know the author of the paintings and the parallel of her life and work.

Practical information

Group size: 6 - 30 children.
Duration: 45 - 60 minutes.
Price of the educational programme: 20 CZK/person.

The programme must be booked at least 14 days in advance.


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Colours for Mila

Programs for class groups

Educational programs for school groups are based on the framework educational programs for preschool, primary and secondary education and correspond to the current concept of gallery pedagogy.

  • RED: for kindergarten pupils
  • ORANGE: for pupils in the first year of primary school
  • YELLOW: for pupils in the 2nd - 3rd year of primary school
  • GREEN: for pupils of 4th - 6th year of primary school and multi-year grammar schools
  • BLUE: for pupils in Years 7 - 9 of primary schools and multi-year grammar schools
  • PURPLE: for secondary school students


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