Fine arts for schools and kindergartens

Do you want an extraordinary experience for your pupils? Do you want to offer them a new perspective on art and experience learning directly in the exhibition space and a specialized studio? Visit the newly opened Míla Doleželová Exposition at the University Centre in Telč.

Our main goal is to encourage pre-school children, pupils and students to take an active approach to art. Doleželová's large-format paintings with spiritual and Roma themes have no comparison in our country, as evidenced by her numerous successes abroad.

Getting acquainted with different cultures and minorities provides children with the opportunity to discover new perspectives and open up to new experiences. This broadens their horizons and develops empathy and understanding towards others. Through our programmes we want to show children that diversity is a richness and a source of mutual inspiration.

“I decided to show the stupidity of people who still walk around in the world today as blind people in front of the beauty of people of color.”

Míla Doleželová, 1960s

Reservation of the date before the visit

Are you planning a visit to our exhibition with a class of your pupils or students? Whether you would like to tour the exhibition independently or would like to take advantage of one of our special educational programmes, you must always book your appointment in advance, thank you.

If you are interested in tutor programmes, the optimum time to book is 14 days before your scheduled visit date.

Educational programs are designed for groups of 6 to 30 children.
The ticket price for each participant is uniform and is 20 CZK.


Workshops and programmes for class groups

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Roma through the eyes of Mila

Workshop aimed at introducing Romani culture and customs

Discover the unknown world of the Roma, their history and culture through the fascinating paintings of academic painter Míla Doleželová. The programme for pupils and students is firmly tied to the exhibition, working with associations and creativity.

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Dramatic works

Program for younger children.

The visit to the gallery will be followed by an educational program in the movement and music studio, where we will learn about the features of Romani culture through storytelling. We will become aware of the emotions and movement that Romani music evokes in us. Through their own experience, the children will experience the variety of colours in the field of art, the variety of rhythms in the field of music and movement and socio-culture. They will also get to know the author of the paintings and the parallel of her life and work.

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Colours for Mila

Programs for class groups

Educational programs for school groups are based on the framework educational programs for preschool, primary and secondary education and correspond to the current concept of gallery pedagogy.

  • ORANGE: for pupils in the first year of primary school
  • YELLOW: for pupils in the 2nd - 3rd year of primary school
  • GREEN: for pupils of 4th - 6th year of primary school and multi-year grammar schools
  • BLUE: for pupils in Years 7 - 9 of primary schools and multi-year grammar schools
  • PURPLE: for secondary school students


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Visiting the exhibition with a class without a specific programme

A visit to the permanent exhibition of Míla Doleželová is an ideal complement to a visit to the historical centre of Telč, which is a UNESCO monument. Pupils are guided through the exhibition by their teacher, who can use Míla Doleželová's paintings to introduce the children to the subject of visual arts and at the same time to the diverse aspects of Romani culture.

The length of the tour is not limited, we recommend to reserve 45-90 minutes.

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