Audiobook by Míla Doleželová

The publication Míla Doleželová won the award of the Vysočina Region for the most beautiful book of the Vysočina Region in 2022. Listen to the story of the painter, which offers an audio version of the monograph of the same name.

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01 word by introduction

Read by: Kateřina Jebavá, Vladimír Hauser
Prepared by: Petr Hladík, Peter Dratva

The audiobook uses (with the permission of the authors) excerpts from the production of the civic association Žudro (afterPhurikane, Devla, šun tu man, Hoj na nej na).

In 2023 produced by the Teiresias Centre for the Assistance of Students with Specific Needs of MUNI.

Behind the creation of the audio form of the monograph was the desire to make Mila Doleželová's exposition accessible to the visually or physically impaired, as well as to anyone interested in listening. The visual component, which is an integral and very distinctive part of the printed publication, has been partially replaced by musical recordings of authentic Roma songs, which thus refer to one of the main themes of the author's work.

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