Jiří Schramel

Mr Schamel talks about how he met MD and how his portrait was made.

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His family lived just a few metres from the cottage where Míla and Jiří lived. No one knew how strong a friendship would develop between the young student from the neighbourhood and the artists. Not only did Jiří Schramel become a helper in the maintenance of the houses, he took care of the cars, but after Jiří Mareš's death he took care of the basic running of the painter's household. To this day, he takes care of the Telč grave where the remains of Míla Doleželová, her mother and Jiří Mareš are kept.

It has been many years, it was still in Klatovec when I was portrayed, as well as some of her other friends. And nobody, especially me, knew that the portrait would end up in the collection of the National Gallery in Prague. It was chosen by its then director general Jiří Kotalík himself."
Jiří Schramel, memoir of a witness, 2023

"I was brought to the Klatovec cottage by my professor from the secondary industrial school, which I studied remotely after the war. And I had no idea at the time that it would become a lifelong friendship. The painters' cottage was opposite our family farm, which had been expropriated. I became their household helper, even drove their Renault R16 car, and was by Miluše's side until the end of her life."
Jiří Schramel, memoir of a witness, 2023

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