The creation of Míla Doleželová's 
exhibition in Telč: a story of obstacles and success

The creation of the Míla Doleželová exhibition in 2023 is the result of a joint initiative of several institutions and private individuals who have been brought together by this theme not only in the realization of the project The World of Roma in the Works of the Painter Míla Doleželová. It is a fascinating story, full of obstacles and disappointments on the one hand, as well as of happy coincidences, will and unceasing efforts to fulfil the painter's last will and make her amazing work available to the general public in dignified spaces in her beloved Telč on the other.

Senator Václav Jehlička and his long-lasting efforts for the exposition of Míla Doleželová in Telč

The main bearer of the idea is the former Minister of Culture, Senator and Mayor of Telč, Václav Jehlička, who is originally an art teacher and together with other memorials from the lay and professional public has been dealing with the work of Mila Doleželová, and especially the idea of her dignified return to Telč, for more than 30 years. Jehlička's fortunate association with Masaryk University and other important scientific and educational institutions after 2005 led first to the establishment of the Central European Centre for Cultural Heritage in Telč and the reconstruction of the former Jesuit college (2009-11) and, after a long search for a way and form, resulted in an agreement with the Czech Dominican Province on the long-term loan of paintings to Masaryk University and the construction of a permanent exhibition. The paintings of Míla Doleželová and her husband Jiří Mareš will return to Telč in 2020, almost thirty years later.

Premises in the former Jesuit college in Telč: an ideal place for Míla Doleželová's exhibition

The premises in the former Jesuit college, just opposite the state castle, were chosen for the permanent exhibition. That is, the place where not only is the greatest concentration of visitors to Telč, but above all the place where the spiritual, cultural and educational functions of the building meet, creating a powerful and unique energy that enhances the power of Mila's paintings. Once again, by a happy coincidence, the whole project met with a suitable programme supported by the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021 and the implementation of the permanent exhibition was started. The artistic concept, intercultural dialogue and events within the exhibition.

With the support of major institutions

Míla Doleželová's exhibition can be realized thanks to the support and involvement of several institutions:

  • Masaryk University, which is the main sponsor of all activities and provides space and technical and professional facilities.
  • The Czech Dominican Province, which managed the paintings after Mila Doleželová's death and now has lent them free of charge for a long time.
  • To the Museum of Romani Culture in Brno, for which Míla Doleželová is one of the key authors dealing with Romani themes. The MRC itself owns several of Míla Doleželová's paintings and has sought to build an exhibition of her work since its inception in the 1990s.
  • The town of Telč and the Vysočina Region are logical partners in promoting and further developing the legacy of Míla Doleželová. Her work is extraordinary also in terms of tourism development. For visitors to Telč - one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Czech Republic - it extends the range of cultural events.

Thanks to the team for their efforts for the exhibition of Míla Doleželová in Telč

A big thank you also goes to the entire team of University Centre staff, lecturers, volunteers, memorials, friends and fans of Míla Doleželová's work, without whom this amazing story would never have been written.

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