Guesthouse Kamenné slunce

Discover Míla Doleželová's favourite places in Telč.

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Míla Doleželová, together with Jiří Mareš and Míla's mother, settled in house No. 27 on Palackého Street in Telč in 1972 and lived there until her death in 1993. The couple moved here from Klatovec, mainly due to the money from the sale of paintings to the USA and Mexico, and thanks to significant financial aid from family friends Kligermans. The locals simply called it "the painters' house" and they themselves nicknamed it "the castle". In total, there were three ateliers in the house – the first was on the ground floor in the forrmer pub, which later became a depository, the second one was on the first floor and the third atelier, the ‘‘Big one‘‘ , was in the courtyyard. During the couple's stay in Telč, the castle became an intellectual and social centre, which was exceptional in Telč.


At present the house serves as guesthouse Kamenné slunce (Stony Sun), where it is possible to accommodated. On the wall of the building there is also a memorial plaque referring to the stay and artistic creation of the artists, which was unveiled here in 2003.

Bonus: Míla and Jiří

Míla and Jiří met in 1954, when Jiří came to Míla asking for help in preparing for the AVU exams. Over time, their relationship evolved and, even though Jiří was 10 years younger, they got along, most likely due to their shared commitment to the visual arts. In 1958, the couple married. Jiří played a very important role in Míla’s life, as he was her first critic, but also her technical and artistic support. After Jiří’s death, Míla withdrew into herself, worked only on basic works, maintaining at least occasional contact with only a handful of closest friends.

Telč Places of Míla Doleželová

Get to know the places in Telč that are inextricably linked to the painter Míla Doleželová. The trail will take you first to the Kamenné slunce guesthouse, then to the St. Anne's Cemetery and then through the Velké loubí to the University Centre of Telč, where the permanent exhibition of the artist's paintings is now open.

The trail was created in 2023 as part of the bachelor's thesis of Patrik Krolak, a student of tourism at VŠPJ, in cooperation with the town of Telč and the Telč University Centre. The creation of the trail was financially supported by the Vysočina Region.

Telč Places of Míla Doleželová

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