Zdeňka a Josef Sedlákovi

Mr. and Mrs. Sedlak talk about the cottage that Míla Doležalová gave them

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Zdeňka and Josef Sedlák are connected with the cottage in Klatovy, which Míla Doleželová gave them after the death of Jiří Mareš. She is said to have said, "I will give it to you and when I go by and you shine a light there, I will stop by." At that time they had known each other for almost twenty years, they were family friends. There was no mention of preserving the frescoes on the walls of the Klatovec cottage in the contract, only the painter's verbal wish that they be preserved. The Sedláks and their family still fulfil their promise today.

"All the gifts we have received have always been the authors' momentary decision, and perhaps we did not appreciate at the time that it was always a sign of respect and joy that - in their words - they made by giving them. A demonstration of friendship that has reached out to us throughout our lives. We remember them both with gratitude."
Josef Sedlak, memoir of a memorial, 2023

The cottage in Klatovy where Míla Doleželová lived with Jiří Mareš and her mother is owned by the Sedlak family. Its members are trying to save the frescoes on the exterior walls created by the collaboration of the two spouses. They also once found fragments of sgraffito in the barn of the building, which are now part of the interior of their house: The Scourging of Christ and Jiří Mareš's favourite horses.

"They were a kind of puzzle, but it didn't have a pattern. I found the fragments in the attic of the Klatovec cottage and with patience began to put them together and assemble them until the image of the sgraffito by Jiří Mareš was created."
Zdeňka Sedláková, memoir of a memoirist, 2023



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